call or email and get your first lesson free!‚Äč

Getting Started in Little Leaps and Lullabies:

  1. Download and complete the Registration Form and send/email your information and payment to by MARCH 1, 2018
  2. Mom or Dad, Grandma or Grandpa, Babysitters or Family Friends (We ask that 1-2 adults accompany your toddler but we don't mind as long as they are listed on form)
  3. Bring your children for a fun filled hour with take home resources at the end
  4. If you have any physical limitations or food allergies please note on your Registration Form

You will receive your first Music Lesson free when you call or email a week in advance! 

Easy Steps to getting your family enrolled with the Fergus Music Studio for Lessons:

  1. Setting up a Registration Appointment with Tori or Julie can be done over the phone or by email and you can pick what day/time is most convenient for your family
  2. Once you're at the studio you can better see the schedule as it stands and pick what day of the week you'd like to go, and at what time you wish to visit the studio for your weekly lesson
  3. We discuss the benefits of our "Lifetime Registration" and cover what is required from the student/parent, and we order the first book required
  4. You can pay for the session during the appointment, or you can pay at your first lesson but REMEMBER the first one is free!

How to get started with the fergus music studio: