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Julie Baron Nelligan and Tori Baron are the co-owners of the Fergus Music Studio.

Meet Your Teachers at:

Fergus Music Studio

Caroline Farrow has worked for the Fergus Music Studio since 2011, before she took lessons in piano, guitar, and theory for 8 years with several different teachers at the studio. Although Caroline is away at University currently we are awaiting her return! She has achieved her Grade 7 Piano, her Grade 2 Guitar, and Advanced Theory. Currently she is in her last year of high-school and busy with more than just music as an extra-curricular!  The students Caroline taught are truly pleased with her enthusiasm and we can't wait to have her back! 

Sidney Armstrong is one of our Junior Teachers with plans to move up shortly. After taking 9 years of piano lessons, and 2 years of theory, scoring a 100% on his theory exam the Fergus Music Studio hired Sidney with great pleasure! Sidney plays Piano at the Grade 8 Level, he is taking trumpet lessons through his high-school and will soon be able to teach it! We appreciate the volunteer time that Sidney completed in 2015 and we are excited to offer him as a teacher in January of 2017. 

Victoria (or Tori) Baron is one of the co-owners and operators of the Fergus Music Studio. Tori plays piano at the Grade 9 level, Grade 2 guitar, and Grade 3 voice. Tori teaches music in St. Mary's and St. Joseph's and hopes to have new faces in the studio soon! She is currently working to develop her web-designing skills, as well as her networking and social-media ideas to better enhance the experience of music lessons for students and for the parents. Tori enjoys playing classical music on her piano and guitar but is testing her creative brain by  learning to make and mix electronic music.  Tori has worked for the studio since 2007.

Julie Baron Nelligan is the chief operator and owner of the Fergus Music Studio. Julie opened our studio that was once called the 'Ontario Conservatory of Music Fergus" in 1985 and bought a part in her father's business. Now three generations later Julie is passing the music studio business to her daughter Tori as she makes plans to retire. Julie still teaches regularly in Guelph and Fergus and plays for the choir Holy Trinity Catholic School. She is currently taking up needle-work lessons and Alto Saxophone lessons. Julie has achieved her Grade 8 guitar, Grade 6 piano, Grade 4 voice, Advanced Theory, and hopes to get the hang of her first ever reed-instrument. She has taught for the company for 40 years. 


"Life is one grand, sweet song, so start the music."  -Ronald Raegan