Theory Lessons

Music Theory can be taught alongside piano, guitar or vocal and started at any level. It can also be taught all by itself if you have the want to understand how notes, timing, style, volume and technique all change the feeling of music - and how to write it on paper! Again, students can chose to take music theory for the standing certificates and high-school credits, or they may chose to get some help with school music assignments, answer questions about basic music components or because they want to get started but aren't sure how!

 We chose to utilize Glory St. Germain Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced Music Theory series as it doubles as both the text-book and the work book for students to demonstrate their knowledge, complete tests and also tear out useful cue-cards if you decide to take the exam route. We also use Alfred's Notespeller Books when it becomes clear a student does not understand the homework or if they find a specific idea really interesting.

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