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In our vocal program the singers work with their teachers to learn proper breathing, articulation, and controlling of their vocal abilities. After they have a general knowledge of these basic skills you may chose the path for your singing lessons. 
Do you want to take exams with our studio following a closely similar curriculum to Royal Conservatory demonstrating scales, singing in French and memorizing some favourite material? This program focuses on components like warm ups, vocal exercises, separating of syllables, and diaphragm training. Students will still get the opportunity to learn some Taylor Swift or Bruno Mars but will focus mainly on exam prep. We always try to sing holiday music when too!
Or your other option is for those who prefer to take vocal lessons at a relaxed pace.  You pick the song to learn with a teacher who will provide many options based on their knowledge and the vocal range, and progressively challenging your low and high pitches. We encourage students to look up songs on the internet and bring them into their lessons. Some examples this month were: 'Let it Go', 'Hey there Delilah', 'Shake it Off' and 'This is Halloween'. Tell us which is your favourite song and let's accomplish it together!

Vocal lessons